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the Drew Group is your Fine Arts Administration partner.
Customize your Fine Arts Toolbox to fit your District needs.

Administrator Toolbox

Suite of administrative tools for planning and tracking your budget, purchasing capital instruments and equipment, evaluating campus-based fine arts programs, conducting classroom observations, interviewing applicants, and more, all delivered in the cloud or on site.

Strategic Planning

Defining and enhancing your organization’s culture by facilitating the development of a shared mission, vision, and core principles, as well as setting long- and mid-range goals with targeted outcomes measured by key performance indicators.

Instructional Coaching

Observing fine arts teachers in the classroom and providing written feedback about their curricular alignment, instructional strategies, content knowledge and expertise, classroom management, and pacing; leading gentle conversations about how to improve performance and student outcomes.

Curriculum Development

Leading workshops to develop standards-based curriculum via backwards design: unpacking standards, setting student outcomes, developing learning intentions and success criteria, writing assessments, and identifying resources, compiled into a coherent, user-friendly format.

Band and Orchestra Clinician

Providing clinician/consultant services for middle school and high school band or full orchestras, including feedback and strategies to improve daily ensemble drill, technical development, and concert repertoire.

Fine Arts Program Evaluation

Evaluating school-based or district-wide fine arts programs including operational budgets, staffing, screening/hiring practices, facilities, capital instruments and equipment, transportation needs, curriculum, and technology support.